Current research is focused on a three-step process: (1) understanding overall models (both qualitative and quantitative) that project future trajectories for humanity and Earth, (2) identifying the most sensitive trajectory parameters within these models (potential tipping points), and (3) developments that consider the likely effectiveness of potential projects to alter future trajectories at their most sensitive points. Similar to the successful Astronomy Research Seminar, a community of practice is being developed to support student teams in their research. Student teams will propose research projects, conduct their research, and publish their results. The Fairborn Institute will be organizing workshops and conferences that will be attended by students, professional experts, and educators. The first workshop, co-sponsored by the Fairborn Institute and Collins Educational Foundation, is being planned for late March 2019. Past research on cosmic evolution—the synthesis of physical, biological, and cultural evolution—set the stage for the current research and culminated in the book Humanity: The Chimpanzees Who Would Be Ants. Over the past decade, three major conferences with published book proceedings were organized in conjunction with the Collins Educational Foundation: The Evolution of Religion, The Evolutionary Epic, and Science, Wisdom, and the Future

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