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The Fairborn Institute Robotic Observatory (FIRO) is accessed remotely over the Internet by students and staff members. It features an 11-inch telescope with Schmidt-Cassegrain optics, a Sidereal Technology control system with on-axis Renishaw encoders, and a mount designed and built by undergraduate students at Cal Poly and Institute staff members. It is equipped with a ZWO ASI 1600 MM CMOS camera behind Sloan griz filters and a 1.5X Barlow. The observatory is remotely operated most clear nights, and its high-speed computer is accessed remotely during the day for data reduction and analysis. The Institute will be a participant in speckle interferometry observations using a 1-meter PlaneWave Instruments telescope in Chile.

BARO: Boyce Astro Robotic Observatory

DARO: Dixon Astro Robotic Observatory

KO: Kipshoven Observatory

GBO: Great Basin Observatory

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