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Astronomy Research Workshops

A new version of the Astronomy Research Seminar has been launched as three progressive Astronomy Research Workshops at the Payson campus of Gila County Community College (administered by Eastern Arizona College) and the nearby Payson High School. As with the previous seminars, these workshops feature binary star research, but just as a convenient research area. What the students learn by doing—teamwork, critical thinking, and writing—applies to all areas of science and beyond. In addition to the goal of student career advancement via published team research, these workshops have two additional goals: increased scientific research value and STEM education research and development.

The three Astronomy Research Workshop sequence:


  • Introduction to Astronomy Research

  • Advanced Astronomy Research

  • Dissemination of Scientific Research

Students are encouraged to repeat the workshops. Students who repeat the Introduction, for instance, often become experienced team leaders. Experienced students helping new students with research projects works well, making the workshop more student oriented and efficient. Students also benefit from gaining leadership experience and, often, from being the lead author on a team paper.

The Advanced workshop works on different on-line projects each semester. It also features in-person observation workshops at various observatories, such as the famous Mt. Wilson Observatory where Edwin Hubble discovered the size and expansion of the universe.

The Dissemination workshop features developing and giving presentations on published research at both in-person and hybrid (online) conferences and meetings. Students who stay with the research program end up with multiple publications and presentations at scientific conferences.


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