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Education Overview

The Fairborn Institute has been developing a hands-on, learn by doing, educational approach to science education since 2001. Starting in 2006, the Astronomy Research Seminar was developed in cooperation with Cuesta College and Arroyo Grande High School on California’s central coast. The Seminar featured astronomical observations, analysis, and publication of results. Being coauthors of published papers helped Seminar graduates with admissions and scholarships to colleges of their choice. The National Science Foundation funded the evaluation and expansion of the Seminar, and it has spread to many other schools. Over 200 Seminar team papers with over 700 student coauthors have been published to date. The Fairborn Institute is currently developing a series of three astronomy research workshops.

For your curiosity here is a link to a playlist of recorded Fairborn Institute meetings that discuss different parts of the research process: Click here!

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