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Community Overview

The Fairborn Institute was key in the formation of several institutions and has worked closely with them over the years.  These include the Institute for Student Astronomical Research which supports published student research, offers research seminars for students, and fosters student participation in conferences and workshops. It also includes the Alt-Az Initiative for the development of small research telescopes and associated instrumentation. Various Institute members have attended most of the in-person annual Alt-Az Initiative workshops held for the past 14 years in late July in Portland, Oregon. Institute staff and students have also participated in the annual symposia of the Society for Astronomical Sciences for the past two decades. The SAS symposia are currently held in mid-spring in Ontario, California. Finally, the Fairborn Institute has supported the Journal of Double Star Observations (JDSO) for many years with many student coauthored papers submitted for publication, and by reviewing other papers and soliciting new papers for publication.

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