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Introduction to Scientific Research

A professional development seminar for teachers

July 8-12, 2024, Payson, Arizona

Instructors: Michael-James Ellis and Russell Genet

The Fairborn Institute is pleased to announce its initial offering of Introduction to Scientific Research: A professional development seminar for teachers. This seminar features modest hands-on projects that are completed by diverse teacher research teams in just five days. Each team analyzes an original observation of a binary star and writes up their results in a draft paper. Each paper is then critically reviewed by other teams and (overnight) by experts. Final team papers are submitted for publication in the Journal of Double Star Observations. Each team presents their findings during a final afternoon session. This seminar increases teacher understanding of the nature of scientific research and their confidence (as published researchers) in teaching.

Some teachers may decide to start their own research seminars. Published team research papers coauthored by students boosts their careers and enhances the standing of teachers and schools. Student scientific research is a team effort that draws on science, mathematics, writing (English), critical thinking, and public speaking. Teachers from all these disciplines are encouraged to attend the seminar.

This seminar is being offered as part of a larger effort by the Fairborn Institute to promote published student scientific research through greater cooperation between rural and tribal high schools and community colleges across the four-corner states (AZ, CO, NM, and UT). The Institute is also organizing, with Paul McCudden, Chair of Physical Sciences at Colorado Mountain College, a three-day symposium, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, May 30–June 1, 2024, Inspiring Young Students with Hands-On Published Research: A Four Corners regional symposium on enhancing STEM education in the digital age.

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